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COVID and Newfound Entrepreneurship

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

COVID-19 has affected our world in many different ways, one of the biggest being many people working for a salary lost their jobs to cut costs for businesses that could not get customers into their doors. While losing one's job could be a big financial hit, it also led to many people focusing on a hobby or ideas they might have and turning that into a full-time business. With so much more time on their hands, they could properly give these hobbies or ideas a fighting chance in the market since they now have more time and potential resources to get the idea off the ground.

This isn't the only reason why people created businesses during the pandemic. One major reason for people quitting, is they feel very unvalued by their employer. They feel very expendable and sometimes the product they are giving out can cause the consumer some pain points. As a result, some employees leave to create a better product for their customers, leading to potential more brand loyalty and revenue.

- Kevin Blanco

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