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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Holidays are about sharing. Whether it's food, family, or just memories, we know it's important to give thanks and be around loved ones.

What's your favorite thanksgiving moment? For, me it's the family trips to the mountains for the holidays and shopping trips for the Black Friday sales the next day. Even if it meant getting up at 4am in the morning...But not this day!

Today, it's going to be a relaxing holiday. No one will be slaving over a stove. In the past, at holiday gatherings, I would watch my Mom go nuts buying the food, then preparing it 24-48 hours in advance, and then running around like crazy getting it all cooked and ready. Of course, we all pitched in to help where we could but making a Thanksgiving dinner can be a lot of work.

So this year, I planned a nice family holiday dinner at Maggianos in Buckhead ATL! Yup, no days of preparation, no cooking, no serving, no clean up, just gather, eat, & give thanks!

Sounds like a WIN to me! So, what are your holiday plans?


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