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Networking Post-Covid

The pandemic has changed the world in many different ways. Job displacement, an increased cost of goods, and the impact of isolation and mental health are some ways affected by the pandemic. Many businesspeople pay more attention to networking skills that might need improvement after being alone and virtual. In-person networking events have begun to become familiar again.

The best and most effective way to add people to your network and gain confidence is to join networking circles filled with like-minded people like yourself. One group that is well known for being supportive and inclusive is the Women Into Networking (W.I.N.) group, which is on Facebook. The group is filled with POC businesswomen who support each other's businesses and meet monthly in different cities. There are other ways to meet people, such as networking events, where it should be easy to identify who you'd be more comfortable with. Doing very similar activities can also be used as an icebreaker. For example, golf is a prevalent sport that many businesspeople play to help expand their networking circle. Finding common ground with others should be easy as long as the activity is enjoyable.

To join W.I.N. and expand your networking circle, click here:

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