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Welcome to Women into Networking W.I.N.

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Join hundreds of Women Professionals, CEO's, & Business Owners every weekday at 9 am & 2 pm EST on Clubhouse 👋 Virtually on Zoom & in-person monthly in our W.I.N. cities to network, promote, and collaborate with other like-minded professionals.

The 🤝 WOMEN Into NETWORKING W.I.N.⚡️ PULL UP‼️ room has been a landmark for our Community because that's where we began.

Because our Mission is to "Empower Women Enteprenuers and Men who support them to succeed in Business" we thrive to connect like-minded professionals to resources that will foster growth in Business & Personal Development.

Every Monday - Friday, we gather on an audio stage to meet people from all around the world. Fro there, we've created virtual platforms & in-person networking Meetups to connect further our Mission and reach as many professionals with speed.

Our Membership is complimentary to anyone who wants to join us on our networking platforms. We also have upgraded Membership opportunities such as:

• W.I.N. Workshops

• W.I.N. Merchandise (I.e. Tshirts, Mugs, etc.)

• W.I.N. Media

Join the W.I.N. Private access Facebook group and get connected with our Members & stay up-to-date with the W.I.N. Community!

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