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What is Audio Marketing?

Audio marketing as a tool that helps increase your campaign message beyond a physical screen. This includes a broad spectrum of content such as anything from jingles to scores to audio advertising which can be integrated as music streaming podcasts and anything advertisers can use to help customers discover products and services relevant to them.

Why is Audio Marketing so important today?!

For starters, streaming audio alone has grown 64% since 2014 which allows for digital marketing to reach customers where they are (social media, apps, audiobooks, audio versions of goggles, our podcast).

With at least a 41% of US households having one smart speaker, audio ads can help your brain meet audiences where they are while listening to Ad supported content through different points in the day.

Audio advertising has a wide reach. This includes music and new streams. Your brand clips can be featured in a variety of places which can help your campaign message Reach far and wide to connect with more customers.

Audio advertising can also be interactive, allowing customers the opportunity to directly make hands-free purchases and reach audiences in different contexts; ads that can effectively engage them in new ways.

Want to effectively use Audio Marketing in your Marketing strategy? CLICK HERE to schedule a discovery call.

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