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Why Interning Makes You Better as an Aspiring Business Professional

Hello, my name is Kailey Reardon. I am a Quarter 4 marketing intern at AJCEO Business Coaching Group. Currently, I am a sophomore in college double majoring in marketing and Management with a concentration in Information Systems Management. In addition, I am minoring in digital media studies. I am very passionate social media marketing and social media management. I am very excited to learn from Allegra and her team on how to implement various business development and marketing strategies into the world of coaching. I became a marketing intern at AJCEO Business Coaching Group because I was interested in learning to try out marketing strategies in a new way. I don’t have prior experience in the coaching industry. I am most excited to work 1 on 1 with clients to bring their businesses to life. One thing that stood out to me about AJCEO was their passion to help woman and BIPOC with their business ideas. One day, I hope to become an entrepreneur. I believe I will gain many important skills and connections from my role here that will help me in my future. To follow along with my journey, follow me on LinkedIn: Written by: Kailey Reardon

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