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WIN House Conversation *Systems & Automations

Register for our next WIN HOUSE Conversation on Monday 4/3/23 @ 12pm EST… We are going LIVE on Clubhouse along with a LIVE Demo on Zoom!

We are covering:

Systems & Automations

Hosted by:

S. Orinthia Duncan

Personal Development, Business Coach | Systems, Automation, and Delegations Specialist S.O.A.D. Masters ™️

Meet the ultimate boss lady, S. Orinthia Duncan! With over 10+ years of experience in various industries such as Restaurant, Retail, Technology, Finance, Delegation, and Outsourcing, she is a force to be reckoned with!

Orinthia is not only a Personal Development and Business Coach, but also an avid learner who is always seeking to expand her knowledge and skills. Her focus on Business systems, automation, and delegation is second to none. She guides business owners to a place of protective, supportive excellence in their businesses, which allows them to bring their business goals and passions to fruition.

But her expertise doesn't stop there.

Orinthia is also a master of time management and delegation, helping her clients not only optimize their business systems but also to delegate tasks and responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their strengths and passions. Orinthia is a true believer in putting family first, and she incorporates this value into her coaching style. Her clients can expect her to be a role model of a loving family member.

Even though she is a busy businesswoman, she always makes time for her loved ones.

She is also deeply spiritual and incorporates this into her coaching, helping her clients to find balance and inner peace in their lives and businesses. Orinthia takes a mindfulness, intuitive, and transformational approach, considering not just the external factors of a business but also the internal well-being of the business owner.

Overcoming the lessons and utilizing the blessings of her past has brought her to this place of passion, purpose, and vision in her life, brand, and businesses. She is a true believer in the power of continuous learning and development, which she incorporates into her coaching style. With Orinthia's guidance, you can expect to not only reach your business goals but also to grow as an individual and a leader in the process.”

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