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This workshop teaches you how to get rid of the Employee mindset so you can be the CEO you were always meant to be. You will learn how to reverse the 9-5 mindset instilled from years of working for others. You learned how to work a 9-5 and get an education in school, but now we want to teach you how to run a Business and gain the mindset of a CEO!


You will walk away knowing how to simplify and organize your schedule on one digital calendar and integrate from all of your scheduling platforms. You will also get discipline strategies to wake up earlier in the day, be intentional with your free time, and get more things done throughout the day without distractions. Also, we walk you through methods on how to amplify your daily self care regimen to fit in your productive schedule.




• Audio download of the Marketing impact series "How to X a 9-5 and Start a Business."


• "Ditch the 9-5...” workbook & spreadsheets to follow along the workshop


• Permanent download of the workshop replay


• Unlimited acess to a Complimentary Business & Marketing Toolbox resources.


• Unlimited access to the Business Mastery Membership Facebook group for ongoing Business Coaching & Marketing tips.

"Ditch the 9-5 Mind & Take back your Time!" workshop

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