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How to sell like a 9 year old…


We’re going back to basics with this one. The Lemonade Stand is America’s staple of Entrepreneurship. Demonstrating that you can actually turn lemons into lemonade which shows Entrepreneurship is really just about solving problems.

How can I sell without fear or doubt of getting the sale? How can I perfect my pitch so it is sweet like honey? How I  price & package my product? These may be questions you have asked yourself. This one hour workshop will provide the answers along with a LIVE Coach to walk you through real life examples and applications to your Business problem directly. A workbook will help you follow through with the workshop.

Workshop bullet points

•The Planning Process

•The Lemonade Principle

•Licensing & Regulations

•Prepping your Product & Pricing

•Getting buyers

•Growth & Sustainability

The Lemonade Stand Workshop

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