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AJCEO Buiness Coaching Group presents...

2022 LEVEL UP Mansion Retreat

Are you a Startup Entrepreneur looking for Coaching and Consulting to steer you in the right direction?? Well, here's a 6 day Retreat to get you completely fed in you Mind, Body, & Soul...


Join us at the 2022 LEVEL UP Manifest & Meditate Retreat in Reunion/Miami, Florida from August 8-14, 2022. This stunning Mansion has over 25,000 sq. feet of luxury upscale living areas, 15 bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms, a private lazy river, roof top pool, and conference center for Business needs.


In addition, you will have in-home access to a lounge/bar, private basketball court, game rooms, spa room with sunken spa, lounge, and stream room; private cinema, arcade, private gym, multiple living rooms, range kitchens,
breakfast bar, and a swimming pool with sunken bar just to list a few wonders you can have
access to for the entire stay.

You will take part in our daily LEVEL UP sessions and activities with our esteemed Coaches &
other like minded individuals. Each day is filled with our LEVEL UP routines which includes:

  • A.M. Fit & Fabulous workouts

  • A.M. Affirmations & Meditation

  • Professional Development/ Business Strategy workshops

  • Clarity & Confidence Building sessions

  • Energy Alignment & Sales (Vocal Alchemy) sessions

**Private 1 on 1 Coaching sessions (offered in the upgraded service package)**

You will be transformed by the renewing of your mind with 4 LEVEL UP Coaches to guide you in

areas of Mindset, Fitness, Life/Business Planning & Strategy, Personal Development, Self-
confidence, and Spiritual growth!

This is an invite only event, which means you qualified for this Retreat. That means you
have demonstrated that you are in a position to Level Up with us in a Beautiful atmosphere,
located in the Sunshine State. If you have a friend, family, or someone that you would like to come along, refer them by
sending their name & contact information to and we will follow
up with an email response to give them access to apply.

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Inside the Mansion...

  • 25,410 square feet of luxury upscale living area under roof

  • 14 bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms

  • Sleeps 30

  • Roof top pool with spa

  • Bowling alley with two lanes and amazing lounge space

  • Private Basketball court

  • Games room

  • Conference Room

  • Private two tier home cinema with 150 inch screen, surround sound, NetFlix

  • Spa room with sunken spa, lounge, sauna and steam room

  • Arcade with HDTVs, pinball machine, car and motorbike racing arcade machines

  • Private gymnasium with treadmill, cross-trainer, bench rack, dumbbells and HDTV

  • Multiple living rooms

  • Multiple top of the range kitchens

  • Dining room

  • Breakfast bar

  • Custom private swimming pool with lazy river, bridge, sunken bar with stools in pool, illuminated fountains and large spa

  • Summer kitchen with gas grill and wine/beer cooler

  • Off road parking

  • Multiple balconies & Bedrooms


If you know that you have been on a path to get to the NEXT LEVEL this Mansion Retreat is for you to level up on all area of  Mindset, Fitness, Life/Business Planning & Strategy Personal Development, Self-confidence & Spiritual Growth.

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