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Holidays are for sharing & caring!

Join the Secret Santa Christmas Party on December 22 @ 2:00 pm EST on Zoom with our WIN Community and share the joy of giving. 

We will be doing a Secret Santa gift exchange for those who want to participate in the Secret Santa 2022. If you are joining the Secret Santa gift exchange, you will receive an auto generated name, but you have to keep it a secret...shhhhh.



  1. Register your name in the Secret Santa raffle

  2. Receive your Secret name in an email response

  3. Choose a product/offer below to buy for the exchange at the Christmas Party

  4. The purchased gift will be emailed/mailed to the person with your name and you will receive a gift in the mail as well

  5. The gift exchange will take place on December 22nd @ 2pm EST on Zoom


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