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Start, Grow, & scale your business

Welcome to the world of Business Mastery!

AJCEO Business Coaching Group provides Coaching services with Hourly, 30 day, & 90 day programs for Young Entrepreneurs & Women-Owned Small Businesses to assist them in adopting sustainable Business practices, planning measures with action steps, and strategy to enhance the overall Business growth & Market presence.

With over 1000 Business Owners impacted since inception, we continuously thrive to improve our reach with added Partnerships, Upgraded Systems + Software, Above & Beyond Customer Service Experience, and Added Resources for our Clients' Experience.

Women Business Owners looking for a Business Coach

Our Partners & Affiliates 

Graphics & Design
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Virrual & Physical Business Address
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Website Design & Management
CEO WIsh Lists

what We cover:

  • Business feasibility

  • Business planning

  • Marketing research & strategy

  • Team Building & Training

  • Systems & Software setup 

  • Website development & Graphics

  • Corporate Funding in Government

  • Corporate Sales Training

  • Minority Funding resources 

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Outbound Marketing

  • SEO Enhancement

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing & Management

  • Content Creation & Copy writing

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Marketing Automation


Your Connections MATTER!

Join hundreds of Women Professionals, CEO's, & Business Owners in the Women Into Networking Community spaces to network, promote, and collaborate with other professionals and avid supporters.

We also Meetup Virtually / In-Person with our monthly Meetups in several US cities nationwide, the UK, & coming soon...Canada!! 

CLICK HERE to find a Meetup in your city...


Complimentary Business & Marketing  Resources

Join our Membership

Master your Business with our Business Mastery Membership 

The Biz Start UP Package offers •FEINEIN # for your Business •Business entity registration

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Business Planning Blueprint

Get access to our Business Planning guides to create the right blueprint for your Business. 

Business Colleagues

Grants List

Get Access to more funding for your Business.

Business Meeting

10 Lead Generation Ideas

How to grow your Business with these lead generation ideas and stop leaving 💲💲 on the table!

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Net 30 Accounts

Net- 30 accounts are buy now and pay later accounts known as vendor credit, supplier credit, and trade credit.

Confectionery Shop Owner

COMPLIMENTARY Social Media Audit

Get a FREE Social Media Audit to help you get some things in order.

Thrift Shop Worker

20 ways to organically promote

If you are looking for ways to organically promote your Business, here is TIP sheet for you to use. 




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