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Meet the CEO...

Born and raised in the heart of New Jersey, Allegra Jackson has been an ambitious achiever with strong goals and aspirations. Allegra started her first Business in 2007 and successfully scaled to 6 figures with a team of 8 highly motivated individuals. She continued to launch other successful ventures in Business including an IT installation & solutions company along with her current focus, AJCEO Business Coaching Group.

Allegra has a strong background in Marketing & Management, working with fortune 500 companies and large Corporations as a consultant/liaison in Administration/Team Building, Business planning, & Marketing since 2009. In addition, she studied at University of Florida in Business Management and holds several certifications in Data Analysis & Systems, Business Management, & Marketing.

Currently, Allegra operates as the CEO/Business Development Coach at AJCEO Business Coaching Group. In her role she focuses her efforts in helping Women Entrepreneurs & Black Business Owners establish sustainable Business models while giving her clients access to Business plans & Marketing support.


Allegra also enjoys dedicating her time to building Networking communities & social platforms geared to support the health and longevity of Women Entrepreneurs & Black Business Owners. She also enjoys dedicating her free time to volunteer for charitable causes that involve Urban development and/or improve the infrastructure for education,
health, social & political justice, & cultural heritage protection.

More about the Business...

Women Entrepreneurs are the largest contributor to almost half of America’s economic values when it comes to Business Ownership, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship, yet lack the same access to financial resources and advancement in a male dominated society.

Our Mission is to empower under-served Women & BIPOC Entrepreneurs in creating generational wealth through Business planning & strategies to enhance their experience in Business Ownership.

You have an idea and now it's time to build it...​

AJCEO provides Coaching services by the hour, 30 day, & 90 day programs for Women & BIPOC Entrepreneurs to adopt sustainable Business practices, planning measures with action steps, and strategy to enhance the overall Business growth & Market presence. With more than 600 Business Owners impacted since inception, we continuously thrive to improve our reach with added Partnerships, Upgraded Systems & Software, Above & Beyond Customer Service Experience, and Added Resources for our Clients' Experience.

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