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Who Are We
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90 Day 1 on 1 Business Coaching Program

Our 90 day Coaching Program will help you:

  • Get clear on the direction you want your Business to go;

  • Implement a structured Business plan & Marketing strategy for Direct & Indirect or B2B sales;

  • Setup Automatons, Websites, & Sales Funnels;

  • Create an inclusive Social Media strategy to widen your Sales Funnels and increase engagement;

  • Gain capital & Funding for your Business sustainability & growth;

  • Network & collaborate with more resources and like-minded Business Owners.

Also you will be fully guided in setting up the foundational elements of your Business such as:

  • A Business Plan

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Business Portfolio 

  • Branding Kit (logo, mood board, social media graphics, Business cards, Letterhead & Brochures)

  • Set up a Budget for your Business

  • Register your Business with the IRS

  • Acquiring a Business license in the State of Operation

  • Establish Business Credit

  • Setup a Business Bank account

  • Apply for Minority Certifications, Local State & Federal Government Contracting

Here's what to expect with our 1 on 1 Business Coaching Sessions:

With the 90-day Business Coaching Program, we meet with you on a reoccurring day every week for 1 hour to discuss your Business needs, go over Q & A's, resolve Business matters, and plan for your Business success. You also get access 1 LIVE Group Coaching Workshop every month, daily text affirmations, all my pre-recorded Business & Marketing rooms on clubhouse, and monthly accountability challenges provided in my Vibe Tribe Membership. 

During our time together, you will access to a Coaching Board on TRELLO to stay on track with your assignments and reminders, a google drive link to store your Business, Branding, & Marketing documents/files, and a recording of our Coaching Sessions for your records.

At the end of the 90-day program, you will have a completed Business Portfolio of everything your Busines is composed of, a Marketing strategy, and a consistent flow of systems to grow your Business with confidence.

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Scale to Success Group Coaching Program

Here are some signs you need to scale your Business: 

  • You are turning down potential business opportunities;

  • You surpass your quarterly goals;

  • You have a strong cash flow and repeat sales;

  • You have a proven strategy and reliable business model;

  • There is an atmosphere of minimal risk.

With the 90 day 'Scale to Success' Group Coaching Program, you will have access to 1 hour weekly group sessions for 12 weeks that will provide guidance & strategy on:

  • Setting up Automation & Sales funnels;

  • Writing/Revising your Business plan;

  • Establishing a multichannel Marketing strategy;

  • Penetrating the Marketing using our bespoke S.W.O.T. analysis, Ansoff's matrix, the Marketing Mix (7 P’s), & Gantt chart;

  • Incorporating software and systems that streamline daily workflows.;

  • Knowing your purpose;

  • Developing a Business map;

  • Perfecting products/services;

  • Processes & Operations;

  • Email Campaigns & Sequencing;

  • Client centered practices;

  • Networking & Resourcing;

  • On-boarding & Team Development

  • And more... 

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Biz Start UP 30 day program

This 30 day Program is geared to set your Business up for ultimate success! Get setup & support for:


  • Employer Identification Number; 

  • Entity registration (Sole prop, S-corp, Partnership, etc.);

  • Brand identity;

  • Logo;

  • Website;

  • Business credit; 

  • Bank account & merchant system;

  • Social media accounts;

  • Business Directories;

  • Google my business. 

With the 30 day Start Up Programyou will have access to 1 hour weekly group sessions for 4 weeks to get your Business OFF THE GROUND and ready for growth!​


Mental Detox & Business Mastery Program
(*6 month Program)

Are you feeling stuck in Business? ... Have you hit a road block you can't seem to get through? ... Have you been repeating the same bad habits and behaviors that are stopping your success?


Little do some people realize that the Business isn't working because of underlying subconscious behaviors that are repeating with little to zero effort on their part.

Usually, people practice these self sabotaging behaviors by settling for what gives them pleasure when the pressure gets high. Instead of planning and working on the Business, they find themselves scrolling through Social Media and making calls to people with whom they trauma bond with. Instead of personally developing daily, they choose to distract themselves with "busy work" to keep their minds off of the real problems and more on temporary pleasures that hinder their ability to move forward.

Does this sound like you? Then the Mental Detox & Business Mastery program was created for you! 

This 6 month program is INVITE ONLY and was created to make you STOP those self sabotaging behaviors and begin your Mental Freedom journey to move you towards your goals effectively and with guidance, support, and resources you can walk away with to repeat your success continuously, so you never worry about going back to old habits, self sabotaging behaviors, and continue building a strong foundation for your Business!

The program outline includes:

Month 1: Business Clarity

  • Week 1-2

    • Clarify the vision for your life and business by writing down your Vision, Mission, & Core values.

  • Week 3

    • Personal development goals & strategy 

    • Maintaining new habits and procedures 

  • Week 4

    • Check point to identify mental blocks, review, and resolve. 

Month 2 - Life and Business management Mindset over Money

  • Week 1

    • Work on mental blocks around time & money management  

  • Week 2-3

    • Structure a schedule and goals using the S.M.A.R.T. technique

    • Create a budget that fits your Life and Business. 

  • Week 4

    • Develop resources and learn to work in teams to structure your Business. 

Month 3 - Marketing Structure

  • Week 1

    • CEO mindset shift. 

  • Week 2

    • Discover how to read your data to conversion. 

    • Outline and analyze your Buyers persona to identify your target audience. 

  • Week 3

    • Learn how to show up authentically with your Brand. 

  • Week 4

    • Learn how to create a Marketing strategy.

Month 4 - Intense Personal development 

  • Week 1 

    • (Congratulations, you are gifted a Milestone kit)

  • Week 2

    • Implementation - Working the strategies

  • Week 3

    • Repositioning - Increase your skill set

  • Week 4

    • Q & A sessions

Month 5 - check in and check up 

  • Week 1-4

    • Mirroring (Do what we do)

    • Q&A sessions & guided resources

Month 6 - The Rebuttal 

  • Week 1-4

    • Analyze behaviors and steps to take action

    • Show the work

    • Rinse & Repeat

**Every week assignments will be given. Alerts/Notifications about your progress in this program will be shared via email.**

CLICK BELOW to Download the Mental Freedom Detox & Business Planning Blueprint COMBO to access  this Program *INVITE ONLY*

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