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Scale to Success Group Coaching Program

Who Are We
A group of women at a business meeting

Here are some signs you need to scale your Business: 

  • You are turning down potential business opportunities;

  • You surpass your quarterly goals;

  • You have a strong cash flow and repeat sales;

  • You have a proven strategy and reliable business model;

  • There is an atmosphere of minimal risk.

With the 90 day 'Scale to Success' Group Coaching Program, you will have access to 1 hour weekly group sessions for 12 weeks that will provide guidance & strategy on:

  • Setting up Automation & Sales funnels;

  • Writing/Revising your Business plan;

  • Establishing a multichannel Marketing strategy;

  • Penetrating the Marketing using our bespoke S.W.O.T. analysis, Ansoff's matrix, the Marketing Mix (7 P’s), & Gantt chart;

  • Incorporating software and systems that streamline daily workflows.;

  • Knowing your purpose;

  • Developing a Business map;

  • Perfecting products/services;

  • Processes & Operations;

  • Email Campaigns & Sequencing;

  • Client centered practices;

  • Networking & Resourcing;

  • On-boarding & Team Development

  • And more... 

VALUE: $10,000.00 | COST: $5,479.00

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