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HERstory monthly subscription

Learn all about HERstory each month with a featured Women in Business highlight HERstory booklet and a HERstory featured Product to cherish. Each month we feature a Woman who empowers her community, offers quality, value, and goes above and beyond to build a successful Business!


Read the “WHY” behind it all and what separates these POWERFUL Brands from other Businesses in the Market. Take a sneak peek into what makes them successful and experience the vision for yourself with a new product feature every month.


With this subscription, you will support the growth and development of Women Entrepreneurs while enjoying their passions and purpose.


*Boxes are shipped out the 15th of every month.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

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Read HERstory...

Every HERstory box features a Women in Power who is changing the lives of people everywhere. Each month, we send out a new box which gives you a new Woman in Business to support every month and the gifts are absolutely amazing!

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HERstory featured gift...

HERstory gifts are products the featured Women in Power is currently offering. The gift changes each month, but every selection is an exclusive offer that is limited to first come, first serve buyers. 

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Get Personal...

While you enjoy the gift in every box, take a moment and read all about HERstory, the Woman behind the Brand. The HERstory booklet will guide you through HERstory with insight on her Passion, Purpose, Pain, & Profit! 

April's edition

Meet Alicia Boateng, Owner of Alicia Boateng Designs, Celebrity Cup Designer. She has been featured by top celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg & Tiffany Haddish.

Watch this video and CLICK HERE to get your limited edition HERstory box in *April.

*Subscription must be paid by April 30th, to get next months' shipment by May 15th.

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