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“Generational Marketing strategies” workshop

Grab your seat ($55) *complimentary for AJCEO clients

This workshop teaches you how to Market your products and services to all Generations in the 21st century; Silent generation, Baby Boomers, Gen Y, Gen X, Xennials, Millenials, Zennials, Gen Z, and the newest Alpha Gens!! We teach you how to understand the way your customers think and buy things based on their habitual habits that stem from their shared economic experiences.

Based on when we are born and how we experience the world around us impacts the way we make decisions. It is the same for everyone, but also depends on physiological factors as well as cultural differences. Understand your customers better and be more effective in your day to day Marketing activities when you add this powerful tool to your Marketing toolbox!


• Audio download of the Marketing impact series "Generational Marketing strategies."

• “Generational Marketing strategies” workbook & spreadsheets to follow along with the workshop.

• Permanent download of the workshop replay.

• Unlimited acess to a Complimentary Business & Marketing Toolbox resources.

• Unlimited access to the Business Mastery Membership Facebook group for ongoing Business Coaching & Marketing tips.

Grab your seat ($55) *complimentary for AJCEO clients

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