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Want to leave your 9-5 & start a Business?!

A 9-5 is financial stability and prepares you for retirement. 9-5 jobs are safe! And, when we can find pleasure in what we do, it makes working your 9-5 much easier.

But what happens when you love what you do, but no longer desire to work for others. Most people find themselves working reluctantly at their place of employment just doing the bare minimum. This is a part of the survival mentality at work. Another person may chose to quit and work for another employer, but still feeling infilled in purpose. And others tend to quit without a strategic plan of action ending up in a gif workers mentality.

We want to break down how you can properly leave your 9-5 & start a Business so you can feel excited about the work you‼ do and help those who you were created to serve without a glass ceiling over your head.

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for the conversation on How II ❌ a 9-5 & start a Business‼️ room on Clubhouse!

Check out our Clubhouse rooms schedule.

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