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The WHY Behind it all...

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Allegra Jackson, CEO, explains how AJCEO Business Coaching Group came into existence.

Updated 1.8.22

Honestly, I had no clue that one day I would be here.

If you would have told me that I would be Business Coach, Podcast Host, Marketing Strategist, and Author years ago, I would have laughed until my stomach hurt. But one thing was for sure... I knew I was created for something great! It has been an amazing journey with a lot of pitfalls and pivots. However, the freedom that comes with being an Entrepreneur is more than I could've imagined.

My journey started over 15 years ago. Humble beginnings always cultivate the best stories, don't they. Lol.

But at this time, I was a College student and just applied to my first Bartending job with zero experience. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew what I wanted,...TO MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!! I remember walking into the bar and asking for the Manager, saying in the boldest way possible, "Hi, My name is Allegra, can I speak with the person in charge"... at least that what I was taught to say. The look this woman gave me was awful, but I persisted and she obliged. Once the Manager approached, I told him how interested I was to learn about Bartending, but I didn't have any skills. I wanted to learn while working at his establishment even if it meant I had to work for free a little.

Well, it actually worked! I got the job on the basis that I would work for 3 days of training with no pay and if I did well, I would be hired. AND I got HIRED!!! That was when I fell in love with Bartending. I enjoyed making my guests happy and getting paid for it. Soon enough, I started wondering how I could Bartend for the rest of my life.

Even though it was not the ideal career, it taught me the foundation of how to serve people and meet their needs. Bartending also taught me that people don't care what you know until they know how much you care. It also taught me that people can be complicated, but in the end, we are all the same. Learning from every experience in that industry and combined with my education and continuing studies in Marketing, I was able to create my first Business only 3 years later!

Hence, Cocktail Classics was born, which later turned into Cocktail Fusion Enterprises Corp., offering employment to 18+ staff members and providing bar staff to a multitude of Weddings & Events throughout the Georgia & Florida regions and still standing until this day.

With 13 years of experience throughout the years, I have grown my Business while helping other Business Owners do the same.

AJCEO Business Coaching was just a PIVOT during the Pandemic 2019-2020. It was an easy transition because I was already helping other people start, grow, and scale their Businesses like I did. But, there was one thing I did wrong. Guess what that was... I WAS DOING IT FOR FREE!! The same way I preach to my clients about giving away their GIFTS for free, I was doing it too! But I quickly realized what the next step was for me.

After a "Come to Jesus" moment, I realized that I could use my resources, skills, and knowledge to help someone else get to the next step in their Entrepreneurial journey. With Business planning and Marketing strategies, I wanted to develop a Business community for Women Entrepreneurs to feel transparent safe sharing their struggles while growing and learning how to win in Business & in Life! So, I launched AJCEO Business Coaching; created to assist WOMEN in all walks of life in mastering the skills of creating strong foundations for their Brand & Business using key-factor marketing techniques, networking platforms, & brand building tools for learning how to become an organized and effective CEO. ,

It's almost a year since I started AJCEO and the goal is to impact 100+ lives of other Women and BIPOC Entrepreneurs to bridge the gap in capital gain and resource inequality through Business planning & Marketing Strategies that build a rock solid foundation for startups, growth, and scaling your Business.

Did you know that Minority owned and operated Businesses leave a "lot on the table" A LOT!! Whether its money or opportunity, it most times falls to the waist side. I no longer want to see that happen!

So, I'm excited you decided to join me on this journey and I look forward to connecting with you and your Business objectives to help you get to your goals!

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