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Celebrating Women's History Month: History Behind Women Entrepreneurs

by: Jennylyn Mañaga

Why do we celebrate Women during March? Americans celebrate National Women’s History Month to recognize the numerous and frequently undervalued accomplishments of women throughout history. Women have had a tremendous impact starting with healthcare, politics, education, social justice, business, and economic growth.

Historically, women did not start using the term “entrepreneur” to describe their businesses until the late 1970s; before that, they referred to them as their “sidelines” or part-time undertakings and believed that entrepreneurship only applied to men.

Moreover, did you know that 30 years ago women did not have any financial independence? In 1988, H.R. 5050, known as The Women’s Business Ownership Act, eliminated the need for a male relative or husband to co-sign a business loan, which helped level the playing field between male and female business owners. It also addressed the basic needs of female entrepreneurs. After establishing this Act, the number of businesses owned by women increased from 26% to 57%. Currently, there are an estimated 9.4 million businesses in the nation that are owned by women. This just shows how much of an economic impact in sales and accounts women play in our society.

So you might be wondering how you can celebrate women's history month. Here are some women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses that you can support.


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