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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is a mental block where an individual often doubts their ability of skills, talents, work, accomplishments, etc.

Statistics on Imposter Syndrome:

  • 9% to 82% of professionals experience imposter syndrome

  • 75% of females experience imposter syndrome

  • 60% of women delay starting their own business to imposter syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:

  • Validate your feelings: Imposter syndrome is a real thing. It is important to validate those feelings rather than to shy away from them.

  • Look at your achievements: Look at your resume, awards/ recognitions you have gotten at work, school, in other. parts of your life. Write them down.

  • Write down your skills: Remind yourself of how much you are really good at, no matter what your mind tries to tell you.

  • Ask for support: Reach out to other women, other entrepreneurs/ professionals that you look up to and are close to. How can they help you? More often than not, people will give their advice and support to you, because they want to see you thrive!

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