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Network = Net Worth

Networking is key to leveling up in business. My experiences from networking have been nothing but positive. I have gotten multiple internships and jobs from networking. The best ways to go about networking are to be able to pitch yourself in 30 seconds to a minute and then make a connection with the person you are talking to.

If you have a connection with someone and are interested in one of their connections, ask them to connect you two! Having a mutual connection is a great conversation starter with someone, figuring out how you both know them and other things you may have in common.

Your network is your net worth. Network in every corner of your life. Whether you are talking to a co-worker, a family member, friend, or a professor, always put your best foot forward. You never know who a person you know may know and be able to connect you with.

To network with me, connect or message me on LinkedIn: Written by: Kailey Reardon

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