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Supporting Fellow Female Entrepreneurs

  1. Share their Content: If you aren't able to financially support them, that's okay. Give them a like, a share, a follow, etc.

  2. Be supportive: Be the person who offers a safe space for other women entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of you, vent, etc.

  3. Be willing to mentor: If a new individual is coming to you at the beginning of the journey, looking to you as a guide, be that guide!

  4. Refer to a friend: If you know someone looking for a specific product or service that matches what a female entrepreneur you know provides, you can support that woman through a referral.

  5. Recognize Her: When females around you are going above and beyond to serve their customers and community, find a way to have them be recognized. Whether it is you recognizing them personally, or nominating them for recognition, let that female entrepreneur know her hard work does not go unnoticed.

To network with me, connect or message me on LinkedIn: Written by: Kailey Reardon

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