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You’re not tricking people with your likes…

There’s an old saying that says “less is best” and it truly is…

In the world we operate in today, technology is so vast and widespread that everyone has a platform. So when Business Owners set their Social Media likes, comments, & engagements on autopilot, there are 3 things you need to watch out for:

  • Know who you are engaging with. If there are people who “out-of-nowhere” starts seeing a bunch of likes and DMs from you, but you have NOT built a customer-focused relationship first, it’s giving “I just want your money” and NOTHING ELSE.

  • Being on autopilot is good. If you are already engaging with your audience and just need a BOOST … Just because it’s on autopilot, doesn’t mean it will work better. The entire world is on autopilot & you being in the mix of what everyone else is doing will make you look like everyone else. Set yourself apart by doing the total opposite. Sure, you can use chat bots and response targeting for specific Call To Actions, but from the lead generation stage, you want to be as genuine and authentic with your sales approach as possible.

  • You’re not fooling anyone by liking 30 posts in a row! If you find yourself liking someone’s posts back to back just so they notice you….that’s NOT effective Marketing!!! That’s called DESPERATION! LAZY! OPPORTUNISTIC! I know it seems innocent, but it is also a verified way to turn your customers away! Liking posts without watching the full content and engaging shows the customer that you’re not that interested in what they post, but instead you’re the Marketer in the back of the room with your hand raised saying “pick me, pick me” and that’s not strategy!!!!

You started this Business for a reason and it wasn’t JUST to make money, because you could’ve done that at your 9-5! No, this is PURPOSE ❤️

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Written by Allegra Jackson

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