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Build your messaging framework…

Fresh and unique content is always the way to go. Especially, when it comes to out carrot expanding digital world of Marketing!

Sharing articles and posting on Social Media just isn't enough anymore.

"I don't understand it... just simply posting my offers used to work just fine..." This was stated by a client out of frustration realizing that the world of Marketing now requires real work!

Everyone has a business... at least that's hope out seems. So your messaging has to pierce through the Phone / Computer screens like never before.

The problem most people face is how to build their messaging framework to say what their audience needs to hear...

So here's a breakdown of how to build your messaging framework

80/20 rule first…

80% of your message should be focused on 20% of your audience. This is why EVERYONE can’t be your audience. If everyone is your audience, then you won’t be able to clearly express your message to the ones who are in need of your services right now!

Selling a Bar of Soap because everyone takes a bath is very different from selling a Luxury designed and scented, all natural, butterfly shaped bar of soap that’s infused with camomile and lavender…

Painting this type of picture lets your audience who resonates with more self care and satisfaction in life, opposed to someone who is just buying soap. Now the message isn’t that you support people in just washing their bodies…Nope! The message is rather, we offer self-care, soft skin, and sensual scents with a lasting impression on you and those around you!

This is also important around Holiday Seasons where you can speak to the persons real desires directly and impress on them to share that experience with a friend or family by getting a gift or two with their purchase.

Example: if your audience Caucasian Women; 25-35; looking for a career change; career-driven & family-focused (so not a lot of time to waste); seeking a change immediately and live within a multi-six figure household, you can identify the pain points of this Avatar by asking Women who fit this model what problems they are having. You will find that there are lots and lots of problems. But, here’s how to use the 80/20 rule here…discover a pain point that is a common denominator for your audience and create content that walks them from discovering that problem to getting the solution.

Start by creating topics you want to speak on. Or include people you’ve helped with the same problem and interview them. Whatever the content type, the messaging is what keeps people around.

A great example of topics for the above mentioned Avatar would be:

•Navigating a career change while balancing family commitments can be challenging.

•Effectively utilizing online platforms for job searches

•Prioritize opportunities that offer a balance between career growth and flexibility.

•Leveraging your current network to gain more opportunities

These are just titles, but use titles for pain points you have discovered from the needs of your audience and start with building your messaging framework there. Then you can bullet point your thoughts for each pain point topic to speak on. At the end of your content, you should always have a Call to Action (CTA) so those attentive buyers can grab your offers at the click of a button.

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