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Sales is a Conversation…

Did you notice that Sales strategies all involve a conversation with another person?! Yup 👍

Having a sales pitch is great, but having a sales conversation is more effective!

Let's take your friends for example. If you saw a really nice outfit in a local store that you love and you know that your friend would love it to, you wouldn't hold it to yourself, would you? Most likely you would tell them about the outfit, show photos or video of hoe it looks, and then tell her/him how she needs to buy one just like yours.

That's exactly what it's like to have a sales conversation. You're not going to rush into selling to your friend by telling them to just buy it. You'll start by telling them about the Features, Advantages, & Benefit. And naturally, your friend will either see the benefit and get one too or just pass it over.

Well, it's the same way in a Sales Conversation. Instead, it's not your home girl you're talking to. This is another person you don't know. And that's why we structure our conversations to just 5 steps so you know how to speak to a stranger and quickly turn them into a friend (or as we say 'potential buyer')

If you want to learn how to have a Sales conversation without the stress of being too pushy or feeling like a car salesman....

Join the Business Mastery Membership and download the 5 steps to a conversation to start your process of learning how to sell with ease.



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