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WEALTH INJECTIONS for Q4 & beyond!

Becoming your own Boss encorages a Wealthy mindset!

For some people,  entrepreneurship is the ultimate career goal.

It can be awesome running a Business and enjoying the rewards. But it can also be difficult whereas about 90% of startups fail.

Here’s some support in securing your Business with these 5 WEALTH Injections for   Q4 & 2023!!

✨1: Building a team with $0 for staffing or payroll.

✨2: Building a Community from scratch using platforms like Facebook/Instagram/clubhouse.

✨3: Building business credit & applying for funding.

✨4: Generating sales with multiple streams of revenue.

✨5: Creating a Wealth plan & investment strategy.

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Want to just have a conversation first???

Join me on Clubhouse and let's go through each subject step by step. Feel free to come to stage and ask questions about the topic or the workshop series.

Click below for to join me on the Audio app Clubhouse every Monday-Friday at 10am EST for this series...

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