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What are YOU investing in??

Last night I paced back and forth about WHY people don’t actually Invest in themselves…

And then it came to me....a few weeks ago we had amazing Speakers grace the stage in one of our Business impact rooms on clubhouse, the “How to ❌ a 9-5 & start a Business‼️” room, but there was something that kept coming up for me!

I heard someone talk about leaving their 9-5 and vowed NEVER TO GO BACK and also some people spoke about loving their 9-5 and then one individual admitted that in spite of doing all the work and hiring a Coach, she still found herself “out of luck”! (listen to the replay *full clip on clubhouse in BIO)

AND…I didn’t really think about it at the time, but it occurred to me that when we say we are Investing, what are we actually saying?

Because Employees are trained to SPEND, while Entrepreneurs/Business Owners are trained to INVEST!! So, are we actually INVESTING or just flinging the word around like a flag on a pole…

🫣🫣🫣 Let me explain…

Investing in YOU means no matter what, you’re going to see it through.

Wether it’s hiring a Coach, creating a Busines plan and actually following it through. Or just doing what your Mentors & Millionaires tell you to do and NOT trying it your own way instead.

What I also realized is that, FEAR, DOUBT, & DELUSION are still running rampant in our minds when we transition from Employee to Entrepreneur!

We say we are listening, taking action, and following instructions, but we are actually doing it or just flat out LYING about it!

Investing in YOU means you believe in YOU more than your circumstances. So if there’s a problem, there is no one else is to blame!

If you don’t meet your goals or make the money you wanted to make, it’s because of YOU!

Only people with a victim mentality chooses to blame the world for what’s happening to them. I even heard someone say, “and I blamed God..I did…” and that was honesty! And that’s what we do…we blame God when we are the problem.

We blame others for the consequences from the decisions we made.

We blame everyone but ourselves…


This is your time to stop making excuses and start living the life that God has been waiting on you to LIVE!

❌Stop being a victim

❌Stop being around people who encourage that mentality

❌Stop limiting yourself by blaming others

And to help you, I’ve partnered with Aarionna Hamilton for our 6 month Mental Freedom Detox & Business Mastery program starting October 1, 2022!

This program will help you:

✨ Clarify the vision for your life and business

✨ Identify mental blocks that keep holding you back

✨Enhance your Mindset over Money

✨Master your Business Management & Operations

✨Create a clear and concise strategy for all Marketing channels

✨Gain Intense Personal Development

This program also includes a week by week course structure, recorded Coaching sessions, Weekly assignments with accountability check-ins, a plethora or Complimentary Mindset, Business, & Marketing digital downloads, and private access to Morning motivation rooms / Business impact rooms( LIVE on Clubhouse).

To get EARLY BIRD access to this program, download the 21 day Mental Freedom Detox & Business Planning Blueprint COMBO to get on the list!!!


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