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Women's Rights Reforms: A Closer Look at Women Entrepreneurs Growth in Saudi Arabia

By: Jennylyn Mañaga

An employment agency for women in Riyadh Photographer: Thomas Koehler/Photothek/Getty Images

Comparing Saudi Arabia from 10 years ago to today would be unrecognizable.

August 2019 a historical moment when changes were made in Saudi Arabia that is now leading to an increase in women's economic engagement. Not only has it led to that, but these reforms significantly changed every woman's legal rights in Saudi Arabia. By enacting reforms, Saudi Arabia is leading toward enhancing its track record of empowering women and promoting gender inequality.

One of the decrees introduced is that women entrepreneurs can open a business without needing the consent of a male guardian. According to a Saudi government report, the number of commercial registrations held in the name of Saudi businesswomen reached 139,754 in July 2021. Increasingly, more Saudi women strive to establish and run their businesses, according to a report by London-based Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) which included 43 countries; since then, Saudi Arabia has had the third-highest percentage of women holding entrepreneurial roles.

Moreover, female employment increased in the past few years after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030: create one million jobs for women in Saudi Arabia. As a result, numerous private and national sectors are being carried out to increase women's participation in the workforce.

Even though reforms were changed, patriarchal interests, religions, and traditions are still rooted in the social system. Moreover, women must still be represented in the entrepreneurial and business-leader world. With Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the anticipated role of women in social and economic growth is now a factor. With this change of pace, Saudi Arabia is expected to continue to work towards its Vision 2023 or surpass their objective.

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